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Now lets all get on the same page here. There seems to be a big controversy over the term ‘Nationalism’. In fact there are groups who shout at each other because the terminology has gotten lost somewhere along the line.

If you go to the Nationalism that took hold of the world in the 20th Century that fostered the first and second world wars you are talking about the notion that the country that you live in is superior to others and your ethnic makeup is superior to others. This gives the people in power the delusion that it is justified to wage war and kill entire groups because they just don’t like them.

Under the delusions of Nationalism since the 8th Century over 600,000,000 people have been murdered. In the 20th Century alone there have been more martyrs for faith than in the combined history of the Christian religion. The 21st Century is not fairing any better with the rise of Isis and other terrorist organizations.

Under another interpretation when the colonists in America had had enough of King George having complete power over the people a new nationalism developed and the revolution was fought and the United States was born. It was the Nationalism and patriotism that held the country together when attacked by Crown again in 1812.

It is no secret that the building of a nation is not without mistakes but the country has become the greatest hope of justice the world has ever known. Yet there are those who attack this country as if there was something better. Which proves the position that I have written and talked about for many years that History has been manipulated and propaganda has taken its place.

Historians that want to rewrite history and revise it are not true historians. To have an agenda when writing a history is not true history but propaganda.

A true historian is not one that has a degree or certificate on the wall. It is the obligation of the historian to seek out the truth and present it without manipulation or agenda. History is what it is, good, bad, or indifferent.

So when the term Nationalism is used here it is not the fact that some political party decides what is used as a way to get the agenda implemented. Nationalism in the United States is the patriotism that binds us together as a people. It is the defense of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can have what we have today. It is why so many want to come here legally.

Nationalism as we apply it today is not putting the country in front of all else. We have all else as result of the country. The right to self governance is a right that as a nation we have won 240 years ago. Generation after generation have fought and died for it to exist. We are a sovereign people with the right to govern ourselves. Nationalism is the right to control ourselves in the manner that our government has been molded in for 240 years.

Those outside of the country who have no claim to it have no right to dictate or force us to live in any other way that we do not claim. And we are not required to pay for nor support any organization that does not support our rights.

We have disagreements and we make mistakes but we are the most successful form of government on the planet. The Nationalist Socialists of Germany, the Fascists of Italy, nor the Communists of any nation are in anyway the same as an American Nationalist.

We have never gone to war in an effort to take territory. We have only gone to war when attacked or when an ally is attacked. We have been forced into the role of policeman of the world and we are trying to make others step up and defend themselves and let us bring our service people home. Too bad that it is an impossible task. What is worse is a countries own citizens who do not work to make the country better but tear it down to put us into a different image.

Those who govern need to take heed that they serve at the permission of the electorate. And the needs and rights of the electorate need to be placed over party or foreign obligation.

So when you are arguing over Nationalism, make sure you are arguing about the same thing.

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