This is my first posting on Word Press so forgive me if I don’t know what I am doing.  My Blog has been on another site for several years and it has been an uphill battle to simply make it function this year.  I am a patient man but when I get to a point something has to change.  This is it.

     My blog has been out there since 2011.  Being a frustrated freelance writer the blog gave me the opportunity to get my work out there.  I have been criticized but surprisingly complemented much more often.  As I did when MY VIEW FROM THE HILLS BEGAN I will give you this disclaimer and heads up.  I am a conservative.  I am retired from the Sedgwick County Fire Department, have farmed and cowboyed all my life.  I am a poet and Western vocalist.  I am Vice President for the Western Music Association-Kansas Chapter.  Because of health I am not booking dates and have put performing on hold until things improve.  I have one self published book of Country and Cowboy Poetry, have a manuscript laying around that was rejected by several publishers but each of those rejections were followed by a similar book from them in their line up.  I am in the process of writing a book on Kansas History.  I may even comment on subjects that I need information on.  Right now the title is ODDBALL KANSAS – THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THE SUNFLOWER STATE.  My subject matter are very unusual and little known people, places, things, and happenings in Kansas History.  And there is no time frame.  We are all making history right now so my time line comes right up to now.header 1

     I am a passionate historian and specialize in Kansas and Western US history.  I have not been  handicapped by degrees from institutions that teach rigid politically correct versions of education.  I prefer to be able to think.  I have associated myself around a lot of very smart and talented people and have been awed that they would allow me to be a part of their worlds.

     I have lived in the country all my life.  I am a booster of rural areas and communities.  In my opinion states outside of Kansas have lost a great deal by not copying our Kansas Sampler Foundation.  Marci and Wendee and the other folks involved in promoting rural life through the foundation are hero’s of mine.

     As a reader I hope you keep in mind that I am offering my opinions.  I expect no one to agree with me on everything.  All I ask is that as you read my column you take in all that I say, have a sense of humor, and most of all think.  If I make you think it means I have done my job.

     My view from the hills is on the top of a hill, in a pasture, on open range in the Gypsum Hills north of Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  I look out my windows and see what 95% of the world does not.  We are more populated by cattle and horses here in Barber County than people.  I enjoy visiting with people and sharing their views, but I also value my solitude.

     So Word Press will be a new adventure for me.  Hang in there while I get the hang of this.  Remember I was drug kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

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