Dwight D. Eisenhower

     Since we are launching into 2017 some with hope and others with despair, we address the age old custom of making resolutions for the year to come.  Now the run of the mill standards have to do with losing weight, working harder, doing the right thing, exercising, and many more well intentioned things that we think would make us better people.  And most will be forgotten withing the first week or month.  Recalling the old line that ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.

      Those few who actually watch MTV and think it is a legitimate vehicle of social consciousness were given a set of resolutions for White men to make.  Had anyone come out with as equally obnoxious set of resolutions for Black lives a firestorm would break out.

     I never was much for resolutions but what would I set out as an example for others to resolve for the new year would be a bit different from the standard.  So Here I will give a few examples.  I am sure they will not be heeded but here goes.

FOR THE GOVERNOR AND STATE LEGISLATURE:  Since I cannot plan on paying for things based on speculative income, I have to have money in the bank to write a check, I would resolve to quit using figures of future income by ‘experts’ who have gotten it wrong for the last several years.  Try writing a budget that is based on real money.  Also I would resolve to stand by the promise that the DOT funds are not a slush fund and finish major projects as a whole rather than building them in five mile sections.

FOR THOSE OF YOU SPENDING $30,000 per year to put your kid through college and hope that they will be educated enough to get a job, and make a living, I would make this resolution:  If the University does not require American History for History majors and if the professors lecture on the politics of the day instead of the subject that they are suppose to be teaching, I would find a school that values your money and your kid enough to educate and not indoctrinate them.

FOR THE FARM ORGANIZATION, (you choose): If you have agreed to join a task force that includes organizations that have in their main purpose to put the farmer and rancher out of business, get off that group or board and represent the ones who elect or hireD you to represent them.

FOR THE NEWS ORGANIZATION:  If you are more concerned about how the reporting of news is to conform the stories with your opinions and politics, either get some ethics and report the news or go get yourself a blog and throw your opinion out for anyone who wants it.  It is easy, if I can do it anyone can.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE SO DISTRACTED: About what other people do and how much money they make, GET A LIFE! A poor man never created a job, if he did he worked until he was able to create a job and was not hoping for someone to take from someone else and give it to you.

TO THE CITY RESIDENT:  Milk comes from cows and not the store.  Steak and hamburger comes from cows.  Eggs come from chickens.  You buy all your food after it is raised, sweated over, worried about, nurtured, harvested and packaged for you to pick up at your convenience, do not demand that things be done a way that you know nothing about.  If you come out and see and talk to a farmer or rancher he will be glad to show you what he does and why.  All your organizations do is cost you more money and put families out of business.

TO THOSE WHO ARE SO ‘INJURED’ THAT YOU NEED SAFE ZONES:  I would resolve to quit hanging around with losers and find a way to get an education and work a job or start a business.  You might need the safe zone but it is not out there.  If you want a good life you have to work for it.  If you are so concerned about burger flippers make a living wage you need to learn the word ‘starting job’ and work your way up through the ranks and take risks, and seize opportunities if you want to live well.

FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOU CAN SKIMP ON PUBLIC SAFETY:  If you think that your community does not deserve the best police, fire, and EMS that money can buy, hope that it is not your house on fire, life being threatened, or you or your family needing that quick and quality ride to the hospital.  Make a resolution to support these agencies and get rid of officials that don’t.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE ‘OPENED MINDED’ AND BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEECH:  Freedom of speech is not giving your opinion and shouting down those who don’t agree with you.  Your grandpa would have tanned your hide for behaving so badly.  Rioting and creating problems for working people is not the way to win your argument.

FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE THEY ARE IMPORTANT:  Put your hand in a bucket of water and pull it out quick.  When you are gone you will be missed as long as that hole in the water lasted.  Resolve to do things that are worthy of a good citizen.

FOR THOSE WHO DON’T VOTE:  Resolve to set down and be quiet.  You did not use your right and obligation of citizenship in this Representative Republic.  By not voting you have admitted that you are not responsible and you are satisfied with how things are going.  I voted so I have the right to express my opinion, right or wrong.

We are going into a new year with new prospects and if you do your part I will try to do mine.

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