George Bernard Shaw


If this seems a bit late it is because I get my inspiration and then write my story. I am writing this on 9-11 of 2019. Eighteen years after the attack on the United States by a group of hating 8th century people who believe it is their duty to bring on the Apocalypse.

Well they failed. Instead for a short time we stood up as a people and a nation as one and said that no group will make us fear our enemies. Yet how soon has this country been divided by petty politics?

The politics could not even stop for one minute of silence to remember the lives of all the people that were killed on that morning 18 years ago. So many have no concept of common decency or care for anything beyond their own nose. This is everything that we as Americans are not.

Those who get so wrapped up only in their own world are the precise ones that will squeal the loudest when they lose their rights or when something happens to them. Should we feel sorry for them?

Yes we should.

Even though my instinct is to get mad at all of the anger and hate that fills the airwaves and the social media, I am compelled to feel sorry for the people who have been oriented to see nothing but themselves in everything. Americans have sacrificed for others our entire history. Yet our enemies have commandeered our learning institutions and have bought the political process.

Our country is a country founded on the good intentions of good men. Yet we now have entire institutions dedicated to tearing down the express intent of our forefathers to create a new nation that can grow within the guidelines that they gave us. They foresaw the rancor and undermining of our country some 220 years ago.

It has been a long and hard process and as we have the remains of our people buried all over the world from the effort to keep mankind free from evil domination. And now these people will have died in vain in order that a generation of self centered narcissistic individuals allow all that is good to be lost.

President Reagan said it best that “we are only one generation away from losing the best nation on earth”. The judgmental and self serving attitudes of so many are creating a tear in the fabric of humanity that we may never recover from it.

Did Rome ever rise again? Did Greece ever rise again? Does the sun never set on the British Empire today? What will become of the Shining City on the Hill?

Benjamin Franklin upon leaving the building after the adoption of the Constitution was asked “what did you men do in there?” He replied, He have given you a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Washington said that the government can only work with educated and moral people. So the question is, will we keep it?

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