Now let me say up front I am not down because of a rainy day.  In fact I am grateful for the rain since we have known more drought in the last few years as rain. I also live on a hill so flooding has not been anything to worry about.  Unlike my younger years I feel no need to get out and do things.  I enjoy the quiet and the ability to think without any distractions.

     In fact the TV has been off all morning and I have not dialed in anything to listen to.  I find that things glare more and are louder and distracting more.  When I need to concentrate I value the peace and quiet up here on the hill.

     Now I am going to show my age again and I want to visit about the virtues of Garlic Salad.  Bet that caught you off guard.

     I used to be a very avid cook and there are many things I love to make and there are things that I value that I do not get very often like a great prime rib.  And if you love that particular cut you know that prime rib is either great or terrible.  It has to do with the cook who prepares it.  The proper preparation of the cut is vital.

     But I want to talk about Garlic salad.  If you are over the 40 age mark all you have to do is say Doc’s Steak House and the thing that comes to your mind is Garlic salad.  If you have not spent any time in the Wichita area this means nothing to you.  This is your loss.

      Yes there are wonderful places with great dishes all over the state but, garlic salad seems to be a Wichita phenomenon.  The true Doc’s style garlic salad was only to be found in very few places.  Doc’s, Abe’s, and I am told Savute’s.  I used to love the garlic salad at Flatland Bar B Que which was on the north side of Friends University.  It was a bit hotter and I would have it with brisket.

     I have been in many places in this country and when I ask about garlic salad I always get a blank stare.  I have never found it outside of Wichita.  Now I am writing about this because I made one of the necessary trips to Wichita for doctor appointments and we stopped and had a Nu-Way.  This is another tradition that I am the 3rd generation who loves this place.  They have garlic salad and I bring it home with me by the quart.  I just had some with my dinner so I am thinking about Doc’s.

    There are many recipes on line that are close to being the original Doc’s recipe but they had a way of making it that is not duplicated.  I have to think that the kids today are really being deprived.  They do not know the delights of Doc’s Garlic Salad, or a greasy Take Home A Burger cooked by Arky, and the original Dog N Shake with just mustard and onion on it.

     The last ditch tradition is the Nu Way but be aware, they will ask you if you want cheese on your Nu Way.  CHEESE IS NOT A PART OF A REAL NUWAY!  The waitress knows this but the new owners insist on having them ask.  Don’t let progress deprive your kid of a real Nu Way at the original shop on west Douglas.

     MMMM…. garlic salad on a club cracker, now there is a snack!

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