John Herrington


I am sure many will be looking for my words of rage after the indictment of President Trump. Well the events that a crooked prosecutor has taken much to the cheers of the left are worthy of rage. Well I am not going to rage about how all of this is wrong and how the words that Barrack Obama made at the event of his running for president. “I will fundamentally change America”.

I will just say I told you so. From the very inception of the Communist Manifesto, we have been told all of this.

Fundamental change means just that. Change. What were you thinking? We have witnessed the radical transformation of our country by self centered experts for years now. We all know that justice is just a faded memory. The system of justice has been reduced from a system of justice to a system of laws. Now the system of laws have been reduced to a political power grab that does not resemble the law or justice.

I do enjoy the piece of advice that Mr. Dirshowitz gave President Trump. The words of wisdom were to put money into the company that will be putting his mug shot on T shirts and ball caps. Who ever sells these will be the most successful and profitable business that will come out of his indictment.

Am I mad? HELL YES! But I have seen this coming. What prosecutor can run for office on the premise that he will do anything to take down President Trump, surprise anyone?

In a country that has a President and family that have been taking money from our enemies think that inventing charges of law breaking who is guilty of no more than making mean tweets and caring for the average American, care about justice?

You notice that New York was prepared for riots. Sorry, that is a Demoncrat strategy. Conservatives are too busy going to work to riot.

Isn’t it strange that a decade ago all the liberals were desiring the company of Donald Trump? The award given to Donald Trump by the NAACP is not mentioned now. All wanted his endorsement and contributions. When it was talked about of Trump running for office it was a happy time for the Demoncrats who were sure that he would be easy to run against. What a change for all his fans who now seek his ruin. What changed?

What changed was a man that owed no one that brought a businessman’s mind to stop the ruination of the country. What amazes most is what he had accomplished in such a short time.

No Trump supporters will not riot, burn, and pillage. That is what they want. What has happened when the American people were underestimated? In the words of Admiral Yamamoto, “I believe we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Beware the sleeping giant.

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