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Many of us spend a ridiculous amount of money to companies that provide us with television service. The industry has grown so big that it has reached the status of public utility. And what always happens when a utility gets too big? We get ripped off.

It is more common now for television providers to have disputes with the channels over more money. And of course everyone who pays for service loses what they pay for. This is called THEFT.

On Dish Network we went for a full year without our local ABC affiliate KAKE ch 10. We do not watch that station so much so we got used to not having it. But we did complain to the company because we pay to have the full package and they were short changing us. We got a $5 dollar a month discount for a while.

Direct customers went without the NBC affiliate KSN network for several months. There were so many unhappy that they did not get to see Wheel of Fortune that Dish made a wholesale killing on new customers. That dispute only lasted a few months. Direct lost more than they gained off of that fight.

Now Dish has dropped Fox Sports, Midwest and another Fox channels. It will hit the fan this time. Big 12 sports are carried a lot on Fox Sports. When they start dropping K-State, KU, and other teams there will be an uproar.

Cox and others have done the same thing and the only thing that really happens is that a company that is charging you to watch their programming, and forces you to watch all of the moronic advertisements, is stealing your money.

I am the last person that wants government to get involved but there are laws on the books to protect the consumer and the entire TV industry needs to be reclassified as a utility and be forced to live under some rules.

It always amazes me that with 500 channels on there are only a handful that we ever watch and some are downright nasty. We don’t watch 95% of what we pay for and still have to suffer through the Ads!

It is time for the morons in Congress to stop trying to overthrow the government and start doing their jobs of representing us. Or there needs to be someone who can put together a service that only takes our money and provides what we want and not hold up the networks. They will get to us anyway that they can and tell us what a great deal they have.


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