Ali Krieger


As you know I have opinions on about any subject. And I invite anyone who disagrees to make a case as to why I am in error. But lately I find that most who want to argue with a point I make try the reverse argument and tell me to “prove it”.

As you will notice that it is getting to be the same in politics. Accusations do not require the age old innocent until proven guilty principle. It is now guilty until proven innocent. We fought a revolution to remove ourselves from a government like that.

Now I enjoy a good discussion. I am not right 100% of the time and since I am a human this is to be expected. I have been given the privilege of being able to put my opinions before you and I am very grateful for this. This is the strength of our country, the ability to give and take an idea and analyze it.

However lately it is getting to be a lazy intellectually trait to automatically jump to the opposite view and just try to challenge a position and not be able to press the case in a factual manner.

As a fact there are many things that I believe and find evidence of, this comes from the investigative training that I once had, to read between the lines. It is a unique set of skills from years of experience, study, and values.

It requires that the challenge be with the same skill set and not the old lawyer trick of produce your evidence first. I require that if you do not agree with me to make your case, not blind me with an accusation. Produce your evidence.

If we would get back to honest exchanges of view points and then reach a conclusion and leave as friends the climate of the world today would be much nicer.

Many people have gotten lazy with the facts. There has to be a basis for a case in order to persuade someone to qualify what they say or write. Present your facts rather than not have any and blindly accuse and expect that you will be proven right. Simply by what you are saying being the popular notion of the time.

If you are so incensed by what my opinion is please give me the facts. I will try and be civil as I check your facts. Make sure you have the facts.

From the time I started with this column I have always stated that my only goal is to give you something to think about. If we do not do some thinking we get really rusty and crusty.

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