Being a student of History it is interesting to me how agendas can drive the narrative with no regard to the facts.  Science is an investigation into the workings of any given subject.  There may be theories but true science is finding the results and recording them.  The fact that the results may not fit the theory has no part in the final outcome of the investigation.

     There is also the arrogance that if a person has advanced studies and degrees that include a prestigious title, that they are well versed in any subject.  I have had the experience of being on the scene of a car wreck and have someone come up and say “I am a doctor.”  Being that the protocols put a medical doctor in charge of a patient is superior to being an EMT, naturally I asked “well what do you want me to do?”

     The reaction is predictable, the ‘Doctor’ jumping back in horror and stuttering I am a PHD not a MD.  Well that was just wasting my time and the time of my patient, that the title somehow prompted the person to come forward and say that was dangerous and arrogant.

     So to are the pronouncements of many ‘scientists’ and other professionals who step forward and declare that we are killing the planet with Global Warming.  (This is where I will lose several readers).

     When someone argues that the science is settled on what is now called climate change and accuse you of being a ‘denier’, you know you are being scammed.  When the fact that data was admittedly falsified to create the model of a looming catastrophe on the earth you know that there is an agenda behind it.

     There are many who have the title Doctor or Scientist who make pronouncements and when the truth is told, they are not qualified in the field they are talking about.  If there is no taking into consideration that the long term climate of this planet has been changing since it was formed, you are being sold a bill of goods.

     In the 1970’s the scientists and alarmists were talking about ‘global cooling’.  The narrative was changed to ‘global warming’ and now the name has changed to ‘climate change’.  If the ‘inconvenient truth’ is told the predictions were that by 2013 & 2014 New York City would be under a sea level rise of 3 to 6 feet.

      It amazes me that the time when the melting of the North Pole is discussed is in the summertime when ice does melt.  The polar bear population that was 7000 in the 1970’s is now 35,000 today.  Not endangering them at all.  In fact they are thriving.

   CBS news sent a reporter out to document the climate change and was visiting with a scientist at the South Pole, where it is summertime.  There an iceberg is about to crack off the size of the state of Delaware.  That is what happens down there.  The scientist pulled a sample of ice out that he claimed to be 10,000 years old.  His statement was that “this ice contains air that is ten thousand years old, you can smell what the earths air smelled like back then before man messed it up”.  When the reporter smelled the ice he commented, “it smells like ice”.  Not the statement they were hoping for.

     Those of us that do not go to the ‘talking points’ everyday to set the discussion are somehow dismissed as people who have not the intelligence to do what we are told.  To think for ourselves and dismiss the talking points for what they are, Propaganda.

      I believe that we should do things that are good for the earth and the community.  I do not believe in false narratives and an agenda driven discussion.  I am thankful for global warming, without it Kansas City and Manhattan would be under a glacier.  Also everything north of there.  With the exception of Chicago, that would be a good thing if it were under ice, that would stop the killings and crime.

      As deplorable as I may be there is still a power greater than the follies of mankind.  We are to be caretakers of our world.  Progress in science is a good thing but it should not be our mantra to adopt things that are only workable with government subsidies.  By being good stewards the science should be sound and not subject to the powers that would control our world and our lives.

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