John Keats


When you ever lose the feeling that you no longer can have any ability to effect a change of anything that is wrong, let me offer you a life line. It is sure that there is no stopping the madness in Washington. By the time any brains, sense, or courage is found we may be too far down the road to ruin. If you could find any hope that you can change anything for the better, let me give you a twinkling of hope.

Take your pen and calendar and mark out September. Put a mark on three dates. The Kansas State Fair, the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Festival, and the Walnut Valley Festival. Get a camper and start fitting it out to travel to sanity. While you still can. Still can?

Better yet mark Winfield for a special occasion. Yes there is one chance to do what you can and go to Winfield Walnut Valley Festival. Because if you do not go to Winfield there is a chance that you may never get another chance. As much that there is that Covid harmed and killed, Winfield could be another.

Yes, Winfield is having financial problems. 2023 is the last chance to get back record crowds that can put the festival back on a solid basis. All that is required is purchasing your tickets. What a great gift to give. Or just go and overdose on music. You do not have to play or sing. Just experience.

Kansas is known for many things but the Walnut Valley Festival is one of the best known. In these times there are many things that are in dire straights and need support. An idea 52 years ago shared by three men blossomed into a must see by all who love music. How many times in the world is there something that thousands can come together, put aside all differences, and be bound by one thing, music?

When you say the name Winfield worldwide everyone knows about the festival. How sad it would be if the name came to mean that is where they had a festival for fifty years?

But Walnut Valley is not dead yet. You can keep the phrase that Winfield is ‘where’ the music lives on. How good will you feel to help save the festival?

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