George Washington Carver


Is there such a thing as ‘post education’? Depends, a famous thinker said that education is what is left after what you were taught. But real education is what goes on everyday of our lives. Unless all you do is go about the daily grind and let the TV tell you what is right and wrong.

Anymore if you think for yourself and express your opinion that is different than what those around you are selling, you end up being the target of hostility. When you are refusing to take the standard fare of what is being fed to you on a continuous basis you can be sure that there is someone with a camera there to record what is happening to you.

If you oppose the mob you will be backed into a corner and if you lash out you are sure to be labeled as a reactionary and much worse. yet those attacking you are not held to the same standard.

Lets take real quick the forgetfulness of what something as be-nine as Halloween has become. All of a sudden there is a movement that wants the holiday celebrated on the last Saturday of October. This makes trick or treating much easier. Have you forgotten what Halloween really is?

Halloween is ALL HALLOWS EVE just as CHRISTMAS EVE is the night before Christmas. November first is ALL SAINTS DAY, Halloween is the evening before. What is a church holiday has been taken away for a celebration of spookiness and free candy. Just as Fat Tuesday is the eve before Lent it is an excuse for a big party and celebration. The celebration of Halloween and Fat Tuesday is a day of excess before a solemn day on the Church calendar.

Not wanting to be the grouch that turns off the porch light but the real meaning has been lost to a celebration of excess and all things evil seems to be celebrated. I want to state here that I do not like spooky movies. A little silliness has turned into a demonic celebration of everything that is against living a decent life and hoping for a good future.

After the big spook-fest I don’t believe there will be many in church the next day since most churches do not even have services on All Saints.

In the meantime the movie industry, costume industry, and others will show up at their house of worship, the bank.

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