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For the most part the insanity of PETA and the radical anti meat and animal welfare groups have been able to be ignored with a few jokes and just shaking your head. The Garbanzo crowd has the fantasy of stopping all animal agriculture, hunting, fishing, and everything connected to animals. What is unbelievable is that the radical morons on the ‘left’ coast are actually about to affect everyone involved with animals, and it will effect you and me.


IP 13 is collecting ballot signatures.            [verbatim from Protect the Harvest organization]

IP 13 has a feature on its website to collect signatures. This will make it easier for IP 13 supporters to gather the needed signatures quickly and with much less expense.

If IP 13 is voted into law by the people of Oregon, animal agriculture, hunting, fishing, and animal breeding practices will be illegal.

Only 112,000 signatures are needed to get it on the November 2022 ballot for vote by the people. IP 13 proposes significant changes in the state’s criminal laws governing animals and it will eliminate common-sense exceptions for animal food production, breeding, animal husbandry, hunting, and fishing.

IP 13 would effectively make any injury to an animal arising from the following activities a crime:

Treatment of livestock transported by owner or common carrier:  Rodeos or similar exhibitions:  Commercially grown poultry:  Use of good husbandry practices:  Slaughter of livestock in compliance with state law:  Fishing, hunting, and trapping otherwise lawful under state law:  Wildlife management practices under color of law:  Lawful scientific or agricultural research or teaching that involves the use of animals:  Reasonable measures to control vermin or pests:  Reasonable handling and training techniques

Animal extremists are behind this ballot initiative. The underlying language and motives comes from radical animal extremist ideology to entirely dismantle all animal agriculture, research, clothing, and even the ownership of pets.

The ideology of radical animal extremists is the belief that animal ownership is akin to slavery and therefore abuse.


Protect the Harvest is a 501 C 3 nonprofit. If you want to see what they are fighting in Oregon you can go to

California is changing things that will end up getting into your pocket book as well. They are outlawing the way hogs are farrowed and how eggs are produced. Their regulations require any company outside the state to be in compliance with the California regulations if they ship products to be sold and consumed in the state. If you don’t think any of this will affect you think again.

Not only will the radical agenda grow and spread, but anyone involved in this will be convicted as a sex offender. Not only a felony stripping an individual of his rights, but carrying the label of sex offender for life. Crazy you say? You bet! We live in a world where the majority of people live in sterile concrete jungles where no endangered species survives but the tell the rest of the country how and what we should do. The results, forests burning, public lands being destroyed, multi family ranchers and farmers losing their heritage, China buying and dominating meat production.

If you think that ‘we the people’ will surely stop the insanity, remember that we have crooks in government sending us tens of trillions of dollars in debt and telling us that it won’t cost us anything. These morons truly believe that we are that stupid. The accumulated war debt that Brittan borrowed from 1939 until 1946 amounted to close to one trillion dollars. The British war debt was finally paid of in 2006. What this means for the USA is that our debt will still be paid on by your great-great-great grandchildren. If the insanity were stopped right now in Washington we could not pay it off before 2070.

If you feel any sympathy for these radical garbanzo beaners you risk giving up your Big Mac, rib eye, salmon, tuna,  lobster, bacon and eggs, your dog and cat, your leather jacket and shoes. Plus you will have to live in mud huts with no air conditioning or heat.

If this does not strike home enough, every farmer, rancher, veterinarian, outfitter, sports shop, steak houses and 90% of restaurants and cafes will be out of business. All animals would be turned loose to live as they please.

Think I am crazy? I am giving you a warning of what is coming if you keep supporting radicals.

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