Benjamin Franklin


Freedom is a thing that if denied will go dormant and have patience until it is rediscovered and the smouldering ember comes to life. This is a fact that has proven itself to be true over and over in history. Some people have to have patience and kindle the spark after their own life is gone and is passed down to future generations. What we have been witnessing in the world is that spark being fanned as the flames are put out elsewhere.

As a historian it is the long record that indicates what lies in the future. But history has been rendered into a boring repetition of names and dates by educators and finally when the interest is lost it is a precious few that are educated well enough to be able to know what is going on. There lies my biggest gripe with education. Even good teachers that follow the norms and guidelines fall into the trap of driving the curious mind away from independent thought. And so many young minds are being filled with worthless information and diverting their interests away from truly being able to discern what is going on in the world. School boards and educators are hindered by those who publish the texts and are trained by those who are not sincere. Many do not realize what has happened. It is not the fault of most of those who we select to train and inspire our youth.

There are those who know exactly what they are doing. That is a shame. The founders of the nation told the people after fighting the most successful revolution in history that a free people can only survive with education and morality. Where does that leave us?

Dictators, especially the most brutal dictatorships, all believe that their imposed tyranny will last forever. Yet none have. As we are gradually losing our freedoms and interest groups are imposing their will on us, what is happening elsewhere? The spark of freedom. Iran who have turned from a supposed religious government force their will on other by brutality and hatred. Yet the spark of freedom still resides in many hearts. After killing a woman for not covering her head with a hajib the people are slowly waking up to the evil that clothes itself as right and are rioting. Will they succeed? Maybe, if not the ember will not die out and eventually enough will be fed up and many will sacrifice themselves at the door of freedom.

China who has basically made a man into a god has become so brutal that in the spirit of Tiananmen Square, people are now rioting all across the country over the brutality of the regime. After blowing up churches and taking over what religion is left do you think that Chin is immortal? Maybe he can brutally kill all the rioters but the spark of freedom is still there and has the patience that he pretends to have. The one hundred year plan that China has to dominate the world will in the end end up about as successful as Napoleon’s plan to conquer the world.

There will come a time that hunger will prompt the overthrow of Kim in North Korea, or his successors. Nothing causes revolution as well as hunger.

We pray that the end will come to evil as it runs rampant throughout the world. It will, we are just not to know when.


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