Benjamin Franklin


I wonder a lot how people who have no faith deal with the recent pandemic. The die was set when we were born and there is a one hundred percent chance of dying. We just don’t know when.

The one thing that all of us have to do in what time we have is to determine where we will spend eternity. Now when you break it down into a simple formula it should not be so difficult, should it?

For those who have no sense of history the pandemic of 1918 was the worst that had been known in modern times. But this did not hold a candle to the plagues of the dark ages.

It would be scary if the only thing you put as number one in your life is yourself. We have all been guilty of this. It is up to us to try and get our priorities straight.

Ever wondered about the saying that “the road to Hell is wide and paved. But the path to Heaven is long and winding?” Maybe it has to do with the expected numbers.

The reason that people are buying out all of the toilet paper still has not been determined. At the Dillons store in Pratt the clerks tell us that they restock the shelves with toilet paper at 7 am and by 9 am  the shelves are empty again. They still have not figured it out.

It is said that there are people that are going around to the stores in the small towns with U-Haul trailers buying out the stocks of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and bread. There has been talk in some circles that when things get bad in the cities that they are going to come out in the country to get what they need. I would not advise that. they have reported that ammunition has been selling just as fast.

We are so tired of the 24/7 coverage of the virus that when we hope that the local news actually has news it has all been ignored for more virus talk.

We are always on the look out for a good John Wayne movie so we can ignore the constant coverage. It is sick that they always say don’t panic and yet have wall to wall special coverage.

Maybe the one thing that will come out of this is that we get Manufacturing back in America and not dependent on our enemies.

I got into a long discussion about calling the virus the Chinese virus. They took the position that it is racist. Sorry but China is a country not a race and no one believes that Chinese Americans had anything to do with this.

I am tired of people picking up the talking points of our enemies and making that politically correct.

I thought that we finally figured out that we are all Americans.

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