Will Rogers


Well it certainly has been a week hasn’t it? You have to laugh in order to not cry. Here we have a country that was founded by freedom loving people and after millions of patriots have laid down their lives to give us the best place in both the world and in history to live, we have educated our children to hate it and want to become the new hell hole of the world.

After all why don’t those who hate us so much just move to Venezuela, Cuba, or Russia where they would be so happy. Don’t go to Hong Kong they will take your demonstrating ass to jail and you will never be seen again. It worked so well for the Sandinistas.

It amazes me how the new freedom fighters often have a picture of Chavez on their T shirts. Such a wonderful example of freedom. Just ask those he murdered.

I can see the travel posters now touting about the lush accommodations, free health care, and wonderful climate in Havana. Why you could find yourself an old fifties car and be independent. That is if you can make a Ford part work on a Chevy.

Those cars in Cuba are so cool because no one can afford to buy the new mass produced tin cans of today. They would never be able to keep those modern wonders working down there. Computer systems have no service life down their.

Oh and hope you have a ceiling fan because there is only air conditioning for the elite government officials and party members that will tell you where to drop off any money you happen to make.

Forget about going to the gym or buying Nutri System to lose weight. Unless you can find a sugar cane field, somewhere that you can chew on a stalk, will you have to worry about fattening sugar in your diet again.

Don’t bother getting on a leaking raft or ancient boat and try to slip back into the United States, there is nothing worth coming back to after you left things the way you did.

I am so disappointed in the friends that I thought were intelligent and talented people. They are delighted that the new Presidential candidate, no vice president, no which one is it? I am sure that you will be so happy with your choice.

Just don’t expect me to be.

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