George Henry Lewes


I had this thought and it was very comprehensive so I put the title in until I could get back to write the story. In the mean time there are things hammering from all directions and my computer (my most comprehensive source of frustration) has been driving me crazy. I have a photo in My Photo file but when I want to put it on Facebook it disappears. So my original idea is floating around out there waiting for some inspiration to bring it back home to me.

In the mean time I have dead lines. I have two new dates for book signings coming up. On November 2, I will be in Winfield at the 1001 Gallery. This is at 1001 Main in Winfield. I will be signing and selling book there from 5-8 PM. I am excited about this invitation. I have been impressed with the Gallery for some time and it is fantastic to be invited to participate with them on this.

Then on November 18, I will be at the Christian Church in Medicine Lodge with my books at the COOKIES BY THE POUND EVENT. There is a great craft show with the cookie sale and I hope you will come and see me there.

I am hoping for some other events but we have not scheduled them yet. There are a couple that I really hated missing.

You know that it is not Halloween yet and the stores are all thinking about Christmas. I always like to have the pressure off of me by shopping early. Have you thought what a great present KANSAS ODDITIES would be? I have had people buy them for presents and read them themselves and come back for more.

My very official first copy went to a rancher that just turned 90 years old. When he got his copy it only took him 2 days to read it. He loved it.

Many of you appreciate my thinking outside the box. I have readers that come up to me and give me great compliments. I really do like the comments and support. Those who used to try and argue with me have either given up on me or just don’t pay attention.

I find that thinking outside the box is more common than is supposed. It seems that those in Topeka and the Beltway just have no concept of what we think. I believes that this proves that they don’t care.

I am not given to predictions because I am not the smartest one in the box. I do know that there are a whole lot of people whose grandmother’s are likely to come out of the grave and wash their mouths out with soap.

I am under no illusion that I am a great predictor or can influence anyone to do what is right. If you are a true Christian you know what is right and it is spelled out for you.

No matter how you vote you are either voting for Freedom or Socialism. Not much clearer choice than that. This country was started by a lot of smart people. We will now find out if the changing of history has soaked through and if we will save ourselves or give ourselves too the darkness.

Your Choice!

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