Piyush Goyal


I did not grow up with the shootings in schools and most in my generation did not. Yet in the last 30 years it seems to be a common occurrence. When it does happen my first emotion is the sorrow that some selfish individual thinks that killing and maiming innocent people is an answer to whatever frustrations that they have in their lives.

But where does this come from? There will be pun-dents and everyone with a political agenda will do what the former adviser to a president, and now mayor of a major city advocates, “never let a good tragedy go to waste.” An abhorrent attitude because it does not mean actually solving the problem. It means use the tragedy to make political hay.

The expected response from the gun haters is gun control. Even though it has never worked, it is their mantra. Tear apart the Constitution but other parts they want left alone.

No one wants death and destruction in society. Yet those who automatically jump to these tired positions are not interested in actually solving problems. Why is this any surprise to anyone?

Video games, movies, and music that young people soak in are full of violence. Yet even those who grew up in the past liking action movies did not turn to shooting up schools.

The base of the problem lies in the lack of allowing values that lie in the basis of this country. The fact that God and good is removed and what is left to fill the void? The fact that those who would make political hay on tragedy is abhorrent and they apparently are not aware of the evil in this world. By ignoring the evil in the world they become the pawn of it.

Individual responsibility has been lost in today’s society. There is no consciousness anymore in doing what is right unless there is some benefit that can come from it for a cause. Otherwise it is just a bother.

How has it become so popular to be outraged after the fact and not before the fact? So the usual suspects will jump up and down in outrageous indignation, but will support ripping a child apart in the womb. And will parade in protest for an evil person when they are made to pay the price for their actions.

I expect to not be the one to change anyone’s attitudes. In fact the same suspects will attack my positions, (mostly without reading this through). No outrage will be solved until the recognition of the lack of God means the filling of the world with evil.

  • Jill
    Posted at 16:09h, 16 February

    When will Congress and state government start more fully funding help for mentally ill people? Our state has closed state hospitals and the ones that are still open are terribly understaffed. That would be a start. Then tackle the problem of automatic weapons to private citizens! No one needs a semi or automatic weapon other that police or the military, as far as I’m concerned. I grew up on a farm with rifles and shotguns and my husband hunted for years. Never did we find the need for an AR-15!

    • rogerringer
      Posted at 16:30h, 16 February

      The same old perception. A .223 rifle in a wooded stock is a hunting rifle and is accepted. The same bullet in a plastic stock is suddenly abhorrent. The AR did not exist when you were on the farm. But the point is that the help for mental, screening threats, and other issues are real issues. Real issues and solutions are what the whole point of this is. Not the same knee jerk issues that have nothing to do with the problem but are political in nature is the point.