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Those of us who are old enough to have seen the film of our helicopters flying out our embassy staff and others who helped us during the Vietnam War are broken, heavyhearted and maddened to witness the scenes all over again. Our politicians are always quick to rush in to conflict even with good reason, but never with a clear plan about accomplishing the goal and getting out. So we had to go back into Iraq and spent twenty years in Afghanistan. No exit strategy. We are quick about destroying things but always stop short.

We have one common thing that happens with each adventure. We can win militarily but politicians follow the polls and stop short. We always turn to nation building. The two main things that Afghanistan was known for is heroin and terrorists. I have never seen a picture that is attractive to me from there. It looks like Satan’s playground and is.

We have buried thousands of our young men and women because of this misadventure. Many thousands more of broken bodies and spirits of our youth that were sent there. Is there any honor to ask for sacrifice when there is no honorable strategy? Yes we were attacked. Why was the mission allowed to move from punishment to nation building?

How horrible is it when our word is worth no more than a politicians promises? Watch the pictures of people so desperate that they will cling to an aircraft with no hope of surviving falling thousands of feet to their death!

A Marine commented that the ill-fated operation had no call sign. All military operations have names assigned to them. The Marine suggested that the fall of Kabul and the panicked withdrawal should be assigned OPERATION FUBAR. Perfect!  Why was all the ammo, helicopters, weapons, and vehicles left behind. Every storage facility, facility, and the presidential palace should be blown up and burning. 6000 82nd Airborne troops have been ordered in. WITH NO AIR COVER OR ASSETS!

What about our allies? They seem to be as surprised as those who assisted us and are now under a sentence of death. What of the women and children who are sentenced to the Hell that is coming for them? The spokes people for Slow Joe say, “the world is watching.” THEY ARE TERRORISTS! THEY DON’T CARE!

What if you were our ally? Do you think Taiwan is confident in their future? Korea? Israel?

The results of people dedicated to the shame and downfall of our nation fall into one category only. Treason. Those who told me that it is great that Joe won so people like me aren’t ruining the country anymore, are you seriously happy now? Yesterday a woman was watching Joe’s speech within ear shot of me. She bragged that Joe had no hint of scandal tied to him. The person that I was talking to almost fell off her chair like me, laughing. I think the woman heard us.

The history of treasonous acts penalties have ranged from hanging, firing squad, prison or exile in shame. What will the betrayal of our veteran, active military, fallen, allies, and nation be? Being celebrated by the New York Times, CNN, PMSNBC, and the main stream press.

Is there any honor left?

The generation may have arrived that we lose our Republic forever!

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