John Greenleaf Whittier


It has been told to me that my words after the election are much looked forward to. To tell the truth I have had to think long and hard about this. I am not the smartest man (you can find many that will vigorously agree to this), but the delusion of so many people appalls me. So many have many certificates on their walls telling them how smart they are. It seems that many have bought into the notion that thousands of dollars and years spent make them intelligent.

I know that a lot of students get through the system and the real IQ is not identified by teachers, testing, or even parents. Not until a test is taken for a specific reason is it found out how far off the scale a student actually is. It seems the individual is never found out that they are not actually challenged. The kid has been just bored the whole time.

This brings me to the fact that education does not assure any more than indoctrination. For a bright shinning moment we had a brash, bombastic, self confident outsider that took our nation from kissing enemy’s backside and look them in the eye and told them no. We are not going to send our youth to die for your favor.

We had a champion that brought our industry back. He did not sell his favor. What was his ‘magic wand’? He believed in the underdog and defied the arrogant. Choosing to serve for one dollar a quarter donating his salary for four years. Being nominated for four Peace Prizes beats winning one for doing nothing.

Never in history has any president fought his entire term against those who would stoop to anything to try to take his victories from him and his people.

Now we are told that we must come together. Since we don’t riot and plot I will not concede to the self-righteous speech’s and superior attitudes of those that want to destroy the greatest nation in history.

Many wonder how Germany was destroyed and now we witness what the 1930’s saw rise. And when the evil was finally defeated in 1945 those who remained said they did not know. The truth has quit being taught and now we repeat. Who will save the world this time? Gates, Soros?

Wonder what the anthem is for ONE WORLD?

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