H. Jackson Brown Jr.


It has been a hectic week and it seems that the older I get the longer it takes to recover. In the process of getting a manuscript ready for the publisher, going to Wichita two days in a row (real early) for my brothers eye surgery, finishing the newsletter that I publish for the Cowboy Storytellers Association, and then having a bunch of friends out for a backyard concert. It has been hectic and tiring.

But the gathering of a bunch of old (and new) friends has been very satisfying. My friend Jeff Davidson, who is a singer, poet, and storyteller extraordinaire entertained 55 of us last night.

It has been at least 2 years since our last concert and everyone was ready. The weather was great and the food was fantastic. Jeff told us stories and sang of the Chisholm Trail. We are in the 150th year of the Chisholm Trail and Jeff, along with members of our Western Music Association – Kansas Chapter were at Abilene for a big celebration. Other entertainers included the Sons of the Pioneers, Micheal Martin Murphy, and Red Steagal.

The train pulled into Abilene and a herd of longhorn cattle were driven to the rail head and loaded in a stock car. Just as it was done 150 years ago. There was a celebration all Labor Day Weekend but it was not like the shooting and hooraying of the town by the cowboys from 150 years ago. Everyone had a great time and no one was drunk or shot up.

The members of the show from the WMA-Kansas are all a part of the upcoming television show that is slated to be shown on Cox Cable, COWBOY-UP! If you are able to catch the series all the entertainers are Kansas artists.

Well back to our friends. It was a great day and now I just want to know the number of that truck that ran over me. Oh well, this too shall pass.

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