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As we get closer to the birth of our savior, thoughts turn to friends more and more. I had two things happen this week that brought old friendships to mind. I got a message from a friend and colleague that an old friend of mine from Yoder was wanting my number. I soon received a call from Sam. I had not seen him for sixteen years. It was so great to hear from him and visit about the past and what has been going on in our lives. It certainly was a shot in the arm in this season where we remember so many friends.

The holiday seasons are an especially hard time for many people. You really need to reach out to those friends and others during this time of year. You may not know how much it means to them, and to yourself.

Then I got a phone call about the passing of an old friend, Roger Blasi, up at Pratt. Our paths just did not cross much during the last few years even though I lived closer to him than I did years ago. I remember the first time we met going with his dad and uncle to Colorado on my first deer hunt. The visits we had about the early years of the Township 12 fire department. My department transferred a couple of Forestry units that we replaced, Township 12 got the use that was left in those old trucks. I remember Roger competing in the Buster’s Round-up at Sun City. Much of the last years was just wave and howdy.

Most of my close friends have passed on and are waiting for me to climb that last path. I am thinking about all of my friends gone and distant. I have been blessed with so many in my lifetime. I hope they all know how I value friendship.

I hope that you take the time to stop and think about friends. This world is trying to tear all friendships apart especially our friendship with the one who came to redeem us.

Thanks for all the letters coming in with the orders for my books. I am proud to be a small part of my readers lives.

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