Gilbert Gottfried


It seems like an assumed right for people to be offended at any and everything. It has gotten so bad on university campuses that they have to rope off a little portion to be a ‘Free Speech Zone’.

There is a reason why this generation is being called the Me Generation. Everybody expects that everyone else must agree with them and their happiness is the most important thing. Well think again cupcake!

I have offended many in my past and still enjoy tweaking the nose of people who believe that they are so important. These self centered people are an irritation but I have not been personally offended until this week. What was shown on the news shocked , and yes, offended me.

Buffoons have been with us all through history but this literally turned my stomach.

What was so bad that I am personally offended? The antics of the trans groups protesting the Dodgers baseball organization for realizing that they had just Bud Lighted as well as Targeted themselves.

The protests of the Trans LGBTQ EEYE EYEE OH communities, a trans gender man on a cross with other tranny’s performing lewd acts and a group of Satin’s nuns mocking Christianity and acting like a group of fools. I have seen it all I thought. I did not think that anything would truly offend me. Well I have been now.

I was expecting a lightning bolt any second but I don’t make those calls.

Yes Satan is really ruling this world.

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