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There has been a huge amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth about the ‘privacy’ or lack there of on Facebook and other social media. Companies pay millions for our information and the owner and other officials are called before Congress and a big whoop ti do is made about it all.

Spending some time each day on Facebook I find that it is a way of keeping in touch with people that I have not seen in years. I find that there is always some news that is not being spoken of on main stream media but also the huge amount of trolls that put out lies and false stories just to upset people.

Let me use the phrase of Captain Obvious. “Obviously”. There is no privacy on social media. Even if you do not want things spread around or even purchased when you put something on Facebook or any other site you have published it to the world. If you are upset about companies or people seeing your information, opinion, or affiliations, don’t post it.

I am more and more scanning sites and postings and one thing is evident, every time you play one of those games that you use your birthdate, astrology sign, your favorite teacher, and about a hundred other personal things about you, you are giving away your identity.

You will notice that everyone of these fun things, or things that irritate the heck out of you are the same questions you end up using for security for all of your passwords, FOR EVERYTHING!

Each time you see what a genius you are, or what vehicle you first owned or any other seemingly innocent information there is a computer vacuuming up all this information and putting it into files on you for those who won’t work for a living but want to steal yours to go into.

I never label a photo of someone that posts a picture. When you do you put into the system the identity of the photo and it can be used from fake ID’s Passports, bank applications, credit card apps, to kidnapping of your kids.

Obviously you are aghast at a company buying all of Facebook’s information for $80,000,000. but can you blame them? You volunteered it all to them. Sometimes trying to make yourself look better than you are goes way beyond self image. It goes to helping those who would hurt you and those you love.

The obvious thing is that you know what you post is out there for everyone to see. Don’t act surprised or even angry when it finally hits you that you gave it all to them. Ever wonder why the government built the largest building in the world in Salt Lake City to house the largest electronic farm in the world? You will notice that as soon as some mass murderer strikes his whole social network history is out there within a day.

Irritate the government and your whole electronic history is at their finger tips. You really did not know this?


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