George Orwell


What is the tactic that communist and anarchists have used in the past to plan how to over throw a government? They just sit in the pubic and plan not caring who hears it. Maybe because people have a tendency to be too timid and do not want to confront people like that? Or because their plans sound so foolish and over the top that they count on people to just ignore them.

If you have not noticed it, but the west is burning up. Yes it burns every year. But a few short years ago the Al Queda magazine told followers to start fires in the west. But the west is governed by incompetents and the conditions for major disasters is set up every year. So the fires get worse and they blame global warming. Don’t do anything different, just look at the industry that has developed

I am constantly reading and being a retired firefighter I pay attention to stories in this area. There are starting to be stories stating that Antifa is starting fires in the west. I believe it. Radicals share tactics and will work together if it means that things are destroyed. On one day there were 56 fires that started in Washington state and the Governor admitted that 56 had human origins.

Does it seem plausible that Antifa would start fires that burn down whole towns? They burned police stations, businesses, houses, and Federal buildings. Why not use up the resources of a state and destroy?

California fined PG&E over a billion dollars for faulty equipment starting the Paradise fire. But California and the Sierra Club, among other enviro organizations, stop PG&E from clearing right of ways and access fire lanes so they could not go in to do maintenance. It also kept fire units from accessing the areas.

The timber industry has been bankrupted in the west. This costs jobs, allows no management, and lets fires run free. The only grazing they tolerate is goats but all the goats in the country cannot clear the undergrowth of brush.

The activist blame global warming and ignore stupidity. More carbon is released in one major fire than all the electric cars can prevent. Is it any wonder that huge numbers are leaving?

Seattle is passing a huge tax on large companies and the super rich. How is that going? Amazon canceled the lease on their headquarters and are taking their 50,000+ jobs elsewhere. Good job city council!

So Captain obvious, what do you say about who is behind all the chaos?

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