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So Captain Obvious, milk is from an animal. So now says the government. Well duh!

I was not a fan of milking I would rather be on the tractor or doing about anything else on the farm rather than being stuck in the milk house. But I enjoy the product, the REAL product.

Mom’s side of the family milked Holstein and Dad Guernsey. I grew up on raw milk and homemade butter. (and the raw milk did not kill me or anyone else)

I have been subjected to the learned opinion of medicine and nutrition and the fact that the food pyramid has been proven wrong and the fact that real butter is so much better for you than margarine. The truths we actually knew growing up and upended by ‘experts’ have been turned on it’s head by all of these institutions and people who now have been proven wrong. At least until the next devised study comes out.

For one reason or another I have been subjected to two products that have flown under a false flag for years. Soy milk and Almond milk. As I have so often asked over the years how do they milk those two things. Answer is THEY DON’T! The processing of the nuts and seeds involves a lot of things and then adding water to the mash to make these so called milk products.

I don’t care what the advertising says these two things taste awful. I am always suspect of a product that requires adulteration and processing to make a product that looks like something that comes from a cow or a goat.

I also have a problem with things like ‘Lactose free’ milk. Or 1% and 2%. When you take the best part out of a product and have to add a bunch of stuff to it to make it “healthy” something is wrong.

Finally the government has had a come to it’s senses moment (boy is that fleeting) and declared that milk comes from an animal. WELL DUH!

Now Soy and Almond will have to come up with some name that actually describes the stuff that is bottled up and said to be good for you. I would offer some suggestions but it would not be polite to do so. (children may read this) There is enough fakeness in the world. Thank God it is now not milk. At least the whole milk part.


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