Will Rogers


I am sitting on that track and hear the train coming. The train’s name is obligation. Obligation is one of those things that once is agreed upon nothing should stop it besides death. Sounds serious.

When I started writing my opinions I tried to be witty or at least informative. Several years ago I did a series about Euthanasia and Margaret Sanger. Margaret had the ‘elites’ of the country taking every word she said to heart. She started Planned Parenthood and openly promoted their clinics be built in or near poverty stricken neighborhoods. She was of the belief that black people were weeds and needed to have their children aborted. Today in Hollyweird and other liberal enclaves there is still hero status for the woman that spoke to the KKK and hated blacks.

Bringing to light stories like this I have hoped to open eyes and hearts.

I also like to do humorous pieces that bring a smile. I most hope to make people think. When I took on this endeavor that so many of you comment that you like, I did not take into account times when I don’t feel very witty. Those who print this have deadlines so I try to stay ahead by at least three stories. That is for times like this.

I have been sick for four weeks (no it is not covid) and I have sent in my last story. Sometimes I am full of inspiration, but, now I am not. Regardless the obligation continues.

Even if I were normal it would be a bit difficult to come up with something to say. I have had close to a dozen deaths of people I know. A good friend buried his son. Another friend now has to bury his son. Life is this way, we are all going to die, it is how we live that counts.

This is not a witty story this week. Looking out the window at sleet is not awe inspiring. But should it be a complete downer? It is moisture on a dry land. I am still breathing, at least somewhat. And the elections are over soon.

I am ready for the phone to get back to my car warranty. It may be a respite but I am sure that politics will go on. Maybe my mind will get back soon. The obligation continues.

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