John Naisbitt


BIG NEWS! SEA SLUGS CAN GROW A NEW HEAD WHEN IT IS CUT FROM IT’S BODY! WOW!!! Do you think that there is going to be government grants so they can study this. Is there a practical application that can be gained from this? Maybe if a politician is put on the guillotine they could grow a new head with a new set of brains? This news is as exciting as studying shrimp on a treadmill or the mating rituals of the lesser wombat.

A group of baboons is called a congress. How appropriate is that. Maybe in the two trillion plus bill that Congress just passed is money to study Congress. They would not even have to go to Africa!

When I was born in 1955 the US debt was $274.4 Billion. In 1990 the debt was $3.2 Trillion. In 2018 the debt was $21.5 Trillion. A child born in 2020 owed $59,388. No one has posted what a kid born in 2021 owes yet but your Demoncrats just passed over two trillion dollars in a pork bill that only has 9% for Covid relief in it. Nancy (ice cream bar) Pelosi got billions of dollars for a BART tunnel in her district. Blue states are getting money for irresponsible spending but not so much for red states.

In the meantime Slow Joe has not made the State of the Union Speech yet and cannot remember the name of his Secretary of Defense. Joe! That is the guy in charge of all the boom booms.

There is a major school district on the left coast that students can come and sit in the seats but there will be no teachers there. Is it time to dismantle the teachers unions? Another school has sent out guidelines to students to quit saying mom and dad. Really? Good for North Dakota who now makes boys play with boys and girls with girls. One state had boys win first and second in the state girls wrestling tournament.

Recon when will China call in our notes?

Make sure you order your case of ballots for the next election soon. Before they run out.

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