Paul Harvey


I have been writing for years about the mismanagement of our forests and our public lands. Each year we set new records for the amount of acres burned and the increased severity of our fires. Those who create problems have used every excuse that can be imagined to put the blame on everything but mismanagement. Between the government bureaucracy, Sierra Club, and billion dollar funded organizations, and people who never did get the joke about Jackalopes, the west is burning up.

But now the fires are going nationwide. Why? The excuse is global warming. The lumber industry in the west was decimated by an owl who now is known to thrive outside of virgin timber. Jobs are gone and lumber trucks may soon need shotgun guards because two by fours are getting close to gold.

BUT NOT TO WORRY! LOOK IN THE SKY! IS THAT A BIRD, A PLANE, NO IT’S UNCLE JOE! Do not be worried citizens, Uncle Joe is going to spend 50 billion to fight wildfires where forests meet civilization. Yes the Federally passed infrastructure bill is going to start thinning forests around areas where communities have been building into the fire prone areas.

Our forests were from the days of Teddy Roosevelt managed as ‘multiple use’. That meant that logging was as important as grazing and tourism. Multiple use has always been a balanced approach to good management. That was until lawyers for people who don’t know a cow from a moose started to driving ranchers and loggers off the land. And because of a crooked politician, they don’t have to pay for the fight. If they win the government has to pay all the expenses. Which means you and me have to pay for screwing up the management of the land.

When selective logging took place in the past there were logging companies that would pay for the rights. Now we have millions of acres of dead timber that no one can salvage just waiting to burn. Power companies are prohibited from trimming their right of ways so their equipment will not start devastating fires. When the fires came the companies were sued. They should just shut down the power in California every time the wind blows.

After all these years of fires now entire towns are burned over. This now has the government worried.

I am here from the government and I am here to save you!

Oh thank you Uncle Joe!

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