Robert A. Heinlein


I see that there was an arrest for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution. There will probably be a judge that will find this to be a violation of the law. Any prosecutor that would bring charges for such an offense should be disbarred. Any official that has been sworn into office should be removed and required to go back to school. But that won’t help either since they are teaching how bad the Constitution is. The true boundaries of stupidity have not been reached yet. O how they are trying!

As our Climate Czar wings his way on his personal jet to conspire with the world to “save” us the power is getting ever stronger. In Texas, the ‘power’ of the oil industry, the wind mills are freezing up. As Artic temperature reach the Gulf coast and snow storms are encountered by ships, they are having rolling blackouts. You think you are cold? Try being a Texan who does not own a winter parka!

The great cry in Washington is “follow the science”, what they actually mean is “follow the science that we make up”. The word Democracy is bandied about. Yet we have never been a democracy. How many times must I say that DEMOCRACY IS MOB RULE? WE ARE A REPUBLIC! Will we ever see elected and appointed officials that are?

If you have a differing opinion, even when it is backed up by facts, you will be ‘woked’. Anybody ever read Sol Alinsky? Man is the only animal that can take 10 Commandments, outlaw them, and be proud of themselves. Enjoy freezing while you can, I predict a heat wave of eternal proportions in the future.

In the meantime if your neighbor starts building an Arc, be sure to throw them a bonvoage party. Oh right, next time it is promised to be fire, not water.

Please stop asking “how stupid can they be?” They are taking it as a challenge.

Oh one more thing, did you see two men won a state women’s competition?

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