As I write this the country has found that you can say Merry Christmas again and there is a different attitude in the country. The attitude is definitely different than it was a couple years ago on all sides of the political landscape.

In spite of the differences between people everyone should keep in mind that we are blessed to live in a country where you can speak your mind. You have to remember that everything you say and do is recorded. Which brings to mind what Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) said in essence. It is easier to keep track of the truth than remember a lie. That is a bit of a paraphrase, but so true.

The uproar that is going on now is very interesting. It seems that a lot of chickens are coming to roost. Whether you are delighted or not it is always interesting when the powerful are called to account.

I believe that there was only one perfect man born to this world. Everyone else is flawed. I am convinced that no matter who you are if there is a desire to discredit and embarrass you, it can be done.

It is a complete mystery as to why today’s standards are applied to figures in history. The desire to tear down hero’s and replace them with the hero’s of an imperfect world. The lack of knowledge of our past is the breeding ground for the corrupt of today to gain power. Power seems to be the pursuit of many today. The veneration of communist and socialist leaders show that the murder and genocide that these leaders and systems have perpetuated on the world is a condemnation of our educational system.

History is what it is. It cannot be changed for the opinion or topic of current society. Society has gotten so far away from the realities of life that propaganda finds fertile soil in those far removed from the soil. Every regime that has conquered another has taken down the losers statues and rewritten it’s history. It has been true through Nazi, Communist, and now Muslim conquests, (remember that the Nazi and Communists started as Socialists).

Truth seems to be an affront today to those who would change the values and the very framework of our way of life. For those who substitute all the failings of our country and ignore the successes I find difficult to communicate with. Facts do not correlate well with feelings.

As we go through the Christmas Season and Hanukkah, we need to remember the original reason for the season. We do not commemorate the spending of money. We do not relish the chance to stand in lines. We come together with friends and family to worship and remember the birth of Jesus the Savior. It allows us to step back and be grateful for every thing we enjoy and the opportunities we have by living in this great country.

I just wish we could get some wise men (and women) in Washington (and Topeka) that would work for the good of the country and not of special interests and political parties.

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  • Lynda
    Posted at 18:38h, 18 December