Roger Ringer

     The fact that I live here on the hill in a semi-secluded existence does not mean that there is not things that irritate me.  Of course the wind is always blowing here on the hill, seems like we can get only one day in a row of totally perfect weather.  But then all the storms form around or on top of us and move off to aggravate someone else.

     So other than medical offices that drive me nuts there is one confrontation with Mother Nature that has been irritating.  Mom loves to have her bird feeders up.  We have dozens of Finches here.  The Barn Swallows are building more nests each year and yet we don’t knock them down, it is nice to watch the young ones hatch and grow.  The Hummingbirds are knocking at the window when the sugar water is out.  We have quail and a harried pair of Killdeer that have four juvenile delinquents driving them crazy.  They generally only get one raised each year.

      So what is aggravating me?  Raccoons!  Three of them in fact.  I will hear a little thump on the porch and know that the greedy little suckers are back for a free meal.  Rocky (yes I have named them, Rocky, Rosy, and Rory) will set on a post and hug the feeder eating as much as he can and spilling the rest on the floor for the others to eat.  And of course with fine dining you have to have a fine wine so he hugs the Hummingbird feeders and drinks like a party animal.

      Of course mom thinks they are cute, even though they are running through the feed and tearing things up.  When I throw on the light they don’t run, they just look at me with those black eyes and wonder why I am bothering them.  I yell and run them off.  I took particular pleasure when I surprised Rory one night and he busted his way all the way down the steps.  Tough little bugger.

     Co-existing with nature is sometimes an aggravating compromise.  They are just lucky we are not in Louisiana.  They are so fat they would be in the oven (if we were Cajun).

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  • Ron Wilson
    Posted at 22:28h, 15 May

    I enjoyed the blog about the raccoons – but I don’t enjoy the thieving buggers themselves. And thanks for the blog about the cowboy poetry contest. We are getting an excellent turnout for the final regional contest.