Erma Bombeck


I am so totally disgusted with advertising on TV that I do the channel surfing to try and get away from it. The days when ad executives just smoked weed and come up with cute and funny ads is long gone. Now they smoke crack and shoot meth. I am sure that fentynal has killed a large number of them.

It is so great when at least one funny advertisement comes on that does not treat you like a moron (or prove it). My most common question now is “what did they just advertise for?” Call the Hall of Fame and tell them to just put her on hold and maybe in 10 years there may be one Ad that actually deserves to be put in there.

Where’s the Beef? I guess PETA got their way and there is no more Beef in advertising.

So what is worse? Hollywierd! Is there such a lack of talent that there is no original thought left to make a movie? If it is not the bloodiest most disgusting piece of junk ever made, it is a piece of porn that is disguised as a story.

So what are the big blockbuster movies now? A remake of the Grinch that Stole Christmas. Rocky 53 with anew name, same old and I mean old actors. Superheroes that fight each other because no one can tell what is right and wrong anymore. And just when you thought that the remakes were exhausted what is coming out? Mary Poppins. Please, enough!

Actors actually threaten that they will go on strike if the politics does not change to what they believe in! (forget all of you who actually use your hard earned money to pay for their lifestyles).

They cannot even get a Western right. There are actually real stories of the Old West that would make better movies than what they come up with. (Cowboys and Aliens, really!)

The only movies that I have seen that are worth your money and risking your children’s senses on have been independent films made on Christian themes.

I loved to go to the movies. I refuse to watch the junk that the TV makes available. I want to see a cartoon that is really a cartoon again and not some Japanese Anime that looks like cartoon porn.

I like to be entertained and not instructed. I want to get lost in a good story not lectured to. I want to admire a star again and not be looked down on by one. The next time I hear a star that lives in a gated compound with armed guards tell me that I am stupid for supporting a wall I am going to scream. I already don’t go and pay them money to do some bad acting on a movie that I preferred the original of. they threaten to go on strike! Please GO! We won’t miss you.

I would really like to see the news and just get the facts and not the anchors opinions. There is a channel I go to for opinion.

I would just like to laugh and smile again. Can you imagine being mad all the time? I am just tired.

Please make me laugh!

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