Benjamin Disraeli

    Well the latest firestorm is happening.  People are going crazy, and demands, ridicule, and outright hostility are now the rule.  Watch the talking heads and there is no attempt at being objective or even hiding behind objectivity, to make the people who are interviewed say what the interviewer wants them to say.

     This is a great teaching moment.  We try to impress to the kids that what is recorded will come back to haunt you.  Don’t put things on line thinking it will go away.  And if you ever aspire to advance farther than the cubicle be assured that at some point that action will be found and brought in to embarrass you.

     I would never run for any high office because I am sure that there are things that would be brought out about my behavior when I was young and dumb that would ruin any good intentions I would have.

     It amazes me that there is so much hatred and shock from a people who bought 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Gray, and insist that innocent unborn humans be killed for the convenience of a lifestyle.  That there is shock about words said when there is support for taking everything that is in the Constitution away from whomever you are against.

     Is it not true that when this 11 year old recording came out that there was 2000 more e-mails revealed that the other side do not want to deal with?  GIBBS RULE 39!  THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES.  How true to the plan to create chaos above, below, and in between.  The Lemmings are jumping over the cliff.

     What a choice we have to make.  Between a power mad group who is immune from the law and a hubris loud mouth and is the only thing standing between the whole of the establishment and the people who are fed up with all of it.

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