Winston Churchill


What have I and all historians have been telling you for decades? FOR THOSE WHO FORGET HISTORY THEY ARE CONDEMNED TO RELIVE IT! Why is war still with us? The Bible relates that there will always be war and the rumor of war. Why do you think the Demoncrats keep trying to re-write history? The world ignores history and so do nations and politicians.

If you recall the United States convinced the Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons for the assurance that NATO and the US would protect them from Russian attack. Nuclear nations don’t openly attack other nuclear nations. Bullies do not trample on their neighbor if he has a bigger protector nearby or if the victim fights back. Bullies do not like to have their victims fight back.

The world has known that Putin wants to put the old Soviet Union back together. Politicians have known. The world press has known. Historians have known. And Putin has told us. We humans have the audacity to call our selves civilized and yet we kill our young before they are born, we elect corrupt people to office. What is worse is we hear the big lie and ignore it or buy into it.

It is obvious that Russia has ignored history. They invaded Chechnya saying they would conquer  it in ten days, ten years of fighting produced nothing but death and suffering. Russia invaded Afghanistan and left years later whipped. (we were not smart enough to learn). After all the diplomacy now Russia thinks it can defeat a country that has tasted self rule.

Ten years from now will Putin be strutting around proclaiming what a great leader he is? In ten years he will be over 80 and looking more like Joe. There will be hundreds of thousands dead and hurting. And what will he have gained. Company with Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, and Hitler. I believe he will not like the company or the climate.

“For what benefits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul in the fires of Gehenna?”

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