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The brown enveloped came from the Rural Messenger. Inside was a letter that came to the office from a loyal reader. The note was one of those that always makes me feel good. It was written on a notepad paper like most of us keep by the phone to jot things down on quick as messages come in. Rather than describing it I am going to just copy it here:

Dear Rural Messenger,

I like all your writers but picked out Roger Ringer because he’s the only one from Garden Plain, my home town, I think.

I read Roger’s column always because it’s always uplifting and sensible. I hope he has many more years with you.


What a nice note. It is readers like this that make me feel good and keep me sharing my opinions with everyone. The few that just want to argue with what I think on various subjects miss the whole reason for what I do. It seems that for the few who disagree with me I get so many more compliments. Getting this note made me very happy.

I did not put the signature on the note I just shared because it also shook me up a bit. The nice lady lived just down the street from the business I ran in Garden Plain years ago. I knew the family, but not well. I was shook a little because I had just read her name. Her name was in the obituaries, I went to the paper to double check. Yes, her letter came on the day of her Rosary. I am happy that she liked my writing but sad that I lost a reader.

None of us know when our time on this earth is coming to an end but it will end. People today are so scared that they are going to be the next victim of the virus. If you read the obituaries you will realize that people pass everyday. Those who are radical about forcing others to be as scared as they are should stop and make peace with their maker. Passing on to live forever is worth all the pain, irritations, difficulties, joy, love, and wonderment that we live with. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and follow a few simple rules.

So I lost a reader. I appreciate every reader and hope that everyone will remember what I have always stressed. I am not always right, heck I am not that smart, but my goal is to make you think. Also to think for yourselves and don’t follow the dictates of anyone who would try to do your thinking for you.

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