Arthur Schopenhauer


Do you listen to radio? AM radio and potentially FM these would have been a thing of the past had it not been for one man. The techno wizards would have just killed the medium with the concept of satellite, online, and cellular they would have run over it. Investment, jobs, and access would have been a casualty. How were they saved? Rush Limbaugh. Had it not been for Rush speaking to power without flinching both forms of communications would have been as relevant as CB radio.

In a world where 95% of news organization reporters and personnel are self admittedly liberal, Democrat, and donate to the Demoncrat Party and liberal causes, talk radio was the primary conservative forum. Rush with his style, wit, and self education set a pattern that not only saved an industry but pointed out when we were being lied to and manipulated. It has always astonished me that those who hated him would never listen to him. The ‘hate’ that is overused to describe him, is generally by those who were told about him or had a vested interest in manipulating the emotions and thoughts of others.

Those who were fans and listeners of him knew that Rush had a well studied opinion, the audacity to say that the Emperor has no clothes on, and a sense of humor. No one who listened ever heard Rush down grade or brow beat any caller who had differing opinions or were hostile. Rush set the standard that many commentators live by today. There was always careful research into his opinions and he quickly produced the evidence to his positions. He loved his listeners and fans. When there were people that had concerns he could council them with care and compassion.

Rush was a patriot and loved the USA. There were many times that he would help good causes raising millions of dollars for them. He also used his own check book many times with no publicity. It is just coming out some of the causes that he donated to and swore the recipient to secrecy.

You may not have ever read anything from me had Rush not made it possible to publicly be an editorialist. With the technology many still would not have had the ability had it not been for Rush showing us how to speak to power. It must be working because the ‘Woke’ culture just had to start cancelling anyone who does not go along with their insanity. With out the ‘education’ of Rush and the EIB Network we would not be concerned about the 1984 culture, we would be living it.

What disappoints me is the fact that Rush was a believer and probably turned a cheek more often than most Christians. When Rush passed away I have never seen more so called Christians take so much delight in the death of a fellow human being. Most grandmothers would wash their kids mouths with soap for what they have spewed out about his passing.

Like him, love, him or hate him Rush made a difference and that is something that many will never achieve in this life.

I do not know who will be able to break down in simple terms the madness of this world. The old saying that ‘no man is irreplaceable’ has been rendered wrong for one time. There will be no replacing Rush Limbaugh.

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