Rita Mae Brown


The recent attempt to drain the Swamp has taken a great new twist. You know that dwellers of the swamp do every thing possible to resist change.

With the regular coming and going of the elected animal in Washington there is that group of workers who have made careers out of working in the bureaucracy. Administrations may come and go but the typical bureaucrat stays buried in the system. They may change positions and departments, but they are always buried in the mire. They may be buried in the bowels of any federal department but they are always there and always survive.

A new move to take the Agriculture Department and move it to Kansas City is creating a major stir in Washington. But why not have the agency that is concerned with Agriculture closer to the areas that it deals with? I would guess that the expenses of the wheat, corn, soybean, beef, pork, and poultry will be greatly reduced and much more effective.

Then there is the proposal to move the Bureau of Land Management to Denver or some other place in the West. Since about 80% of the land in the West is owned and controlled by the Federal Government and only about 2% of the land in the East is owned by them, it makes sense.

Of course the employees of these agencies are up in arms because they could not conceive of living in such a backwater and unsophisticated place such as KC or Denver.

Or is it that the would be forced to do their jobs, face their constituents, and deal with the issues by their agencies? Plus they would not be able to game the system in Washington D.C. as they always have. It would cut them off from taking jobs after retirement with the lobby firms of the companies that they regulated.

We just could not have such a thing. Or could we? Really is Kansas City and Denver a backwater?

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