Dale Carnegie

     If there is such a thing as Logic being taught today in our institutions of higher learning, I would be surprised and again skeptical.  Logic seems to be something that is bent by each person to their own desires and that is where the emotion comes into it.  Now to understand logic there has to be an outcome to every action that is undisputed as a fact.  Such as what goes up must come down.  Very simple and straight forward.  There is no precedent for anything defying this law.  But all such logic is not clear cut.

      I know that if I write an opinion there will be someone who is opposed to my view and will generally want to dispute it.  This is a given because nobody sees things in the same context or understanding.  This is regardless as to whether I am right or wrong.

     Those who read this view from the hills will approach it in many different ways.  Many because they understand that it is opinion and that I recognize the fact that I am human and can be right, wrong, or indifferent.  Some will be opposed because of their political viewpoint and not logic and the same for some who agree.

     Logic applied as the state of Social Security and Medicare would take the rhetoric of saving both off the table for politicians to kick around.  Both funds are paid for by participants out of every paycheck that they make in their life.  Not from the general budget as every fear mongering hack would scare us with.  Since the mid 1960’s the funds have been subject to ‘borrowing’ by virtually every department in the federal government without one dime being paid back.  Logic would be that the next Congress and President take a percentage of every departments budget to reimburse these funds, stop using them as a cash cow, and get those off benefits who do not qualify, such as ILLEGAL ALIENS and immigrants who have not paid into the funds yet.

     Logic would say that that an attack on a friend is an attack on us especially when we have obligated ourselves to them.  This cannot happen with out a strong, well equipped, and trained military.

     Logic would say that a person who is of able body and mind should be required to work, provide public service, and take job training if they are to receive benefits from any welfare, food stamps, or other assistance.  This has proven to be true in the past and it is not expected to change.

     Logic says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

     Logic would say that if you come under personal attack for a different viewpoint or opinion, then there is a reason that the opponent will not use facts to back up their arguments.

      If anyone is assumed to be a failure before starting any job there is a good chance that that person will live up to the expectations unless they truly believe in themselves and look at the expectations as a challenge.

      Logic says that having an open mind, heart, and faith coupled with character, principles, and goodwill will overcome those who oppose a good person.

     Logic says that the stubbornness displayed by someone who knows they are right will eventually wear down those who oppose for prejudice, pride, and conceit.

     Logic is that when a person has been in power so long that no one can say where they live in their home district that they need to come home and go to work.

     And remember that human logic in the eyes of God is foolishness.

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