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Few things are so clear cut in this life. You may want to go through life on a fence not making a move to be on one side or another. But there is no middle ground on life. You are either for life or for death. The thing about free choice is that you were granted that when you were born. The catch is that you had to be born to get free choice.

In our society to take a life has consequences. What if our founding fathers had never been born? Would there have been the Constitutional Republic that is the United States? If Jonas Salk had not been born, would there have been millions saved from polio? Would you have been born if your patents had not been saved from life in an iron lung?

Let me condense a story that may illustrate my point: Nicholas Winton was a British subject that led a very low key life. He had been born to German-Jewish parents that had immigrated to England early in the 20th Century. Shortly before Christmas of 1938 he planned on a ski trip to Switzerland. Instead he made a visit to Prague, Czechoslovakia. Friends were trying to get Jewish children out of the German occupied country. During the process of occupying the country it was allowed for children under the age of seventeen to leave the country.

Nicholas worked feverishly with friends on the local rescue committee to get permission for the children to go to Switzerland then to the Netherlands, eventually to Brittan and the United States. As six trains left the station the seventh train was held up when Hitler found out what local officials were doing. None of the children on the seventh train was heard from again.

Through the harrowing ordeal six trains of children were rescued. Nicholas spent most of his money getting the plan to work. Through his life his family did not know what he had done. Later in life he was awarded many honors.

Here is a list of notable people who were on the trains that Nicholas saved: Leslie Baruch Brent, immunologist that worked on immune tolerance. Baron Alf Dubs, Member of Parliament. Heine Halbertstam, mathematician. Renata Laxova, pediatric geneticist. lsi Metzstein, modernist architect. Gerda Mayer Poet. Joe Schlesinger, Canadian broadcaster and journalist. Karel Reisz, filmmaker. Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, Chief Rabbi Edah HaChreidis Jerusalem. Vera Geisling, writer and translator. Of the 669 children saved, more than 337 have not been traced. It is assumed that most do not know that they had been saved from the death camps.

What does this story have to do with my story? Today 63 million children have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade. If there are 10 out of 669 of the children that went on to distinction from escaping Hitler, how many notable lives have been lost to abortion?

A New York lawyer managed to convince the Kansas Supreme Court that no limits can be set on abortion, this when you cannot find and words in it that deal with the subject in our Constitution. The vote for Yes this August lets our elected representatives to deal with the subject. Kansas cannot even require safe and sterile conditions for the clinics of abortion providers as it now stands.

Those who want you to vote ‘no’ will not even say the word abortion in their advertising. I am sure that the doctor who tells you that you are voting for mandates were all for mandates when they shut down your school, restaurant, and business. I would guess he was against the treatments that the government would not let you take. When he says that he took an oath to “do no harm”, do you think that the baby is harmed when it is cut up?

This is one time you are either for or against. No straddling the fence or making qualifiers. When the life is removed from the womb it is then dead. No free choice, no potential, no future, no chance. Was that life the one that would save your life someday? Well you will know when you’re dead.

Stay tuned for worshiping Baal.

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