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The fact that I am spending so much time in doctor’s offices is the fact that the combination of politics and insurance have decided that a doctor cannot do what he knows is right and dictates how treatments are done and even how to diagnose a patient.

When I come home from a treatment or appointment there is a better than even chance the trip will be taken again because insurance or government rules dictate a different way than the doctor knows is the right way to treat his patient. Then I will listen to the fights that so called representatives of the people are doing.

On one side there is no consideration of a health system from the people who brought you what is dying and that broke every promise that was made. On the other the ones who swore that if you elect me I will do away with the disaster and let common sense be put back into the system again. Both sides lie and each tells you what a great job they are doing.

Whatever side of the spectrum you are on the fact remains that the doctor cannot treat you as he would like and it is an insurance rule and a politician that determines what is going to happen to you or your loved one.

We have been lied to by everyone who has “our best interests at heart.” Well it is time that our best interests be determined by us and the power and money hungry step back and put things back where a little sense is used.

The real solution to what the problem is, is not something that the government is even interested in doing. The trifecta of government, insurance, and drug companies have a pretty good case of why they should not be involved in health care. A vicious cycle developed when doctors had to leave private practice and join groups to defend themselves from lawsuits. And some doctors were guilty of milking the system.

It is time that the government, gets out of health care. If you think that the roads are great maybe you will like government controlled health care. The entire point of Obamacare was to fail and single payer insurance would be instituted by the government. That is where the liberal is right now. They did not want it to work. And the other side who voted 52 times to repeal Obamacare now cannot do it give you a nice fuzzy feeling that you do not want the government running anything.

Lets just get down to the bottom line. The political party solution to all the Social Security, retirement, assets in private hands, and total control is that your death solves all this. It is how the state gets away with leaving retirees with out COLA’s since the 1990’s. they don’t address it because those people are dying fast.

Government makes money on the young and loses it with the old. For all the lies told to your face behind your back they are waiting for you to die. It would really be bad for them if the young would listen to the old because they have been through it all and could save them a lot of problems later on.

Of course politician’s don’t worry about it because once elected they already have a 6 figure retirement and Cadillac health care. And they still get re-elected.

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