David Beckham


Well they threw a party the other day. Yep up there in Washington DC. It was supposed to be the best whing-ding since Fort Sumpter. There was supposed to be this bunch of mad Trumper’s that were going to start the next revolution.

You know that bunch, the ones who attended rallies for months and cheered? The ones who went back to work after each rally so they could pay taxes, feed their families, and pay their bills. Yep that is a fairly dangerous bunch.

A few morons went to Washington and went down the street to attack the Capital. Every Trump hater in the country decided that these morons, that acted like Antifa from Oregon, surely must be connected to those who simply wanted the Constitution to be protected.

So the powers that be sent National Guard to put down the big revolution. What did the majority of Trumper’s do? They went to work.

Since there were no revolutionaries on hand, slow Joe was sworn in and walked down the street waving at all the security. It was like old times when Joe waved to empty fields at airports.

So now after taking down every order and making the world more important than American’s again, we are just going to have to get along.

Someone check those flags on the National Mall. Were they made in Texas or China?

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