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OK lets just think outside the box for a moment. Imagine you live in a country that for say around 240 years has existed by doing things that others in the rest of the world have not done.

And lets imagine that there have been millions during this time that enlisted to take up arms to defend and follow the orders of what a civilian government told them to do. And lets imagine that a lot of these people died And many were maimed for life in one way or the other because it was the price of the country surviving the various ‘isms’ that all promised Utopian societies and ended up murdering millions when they found they had the power to do so.

Lets pretend that two parties who are supposed to have differing views and what is good for the country were allowed to go on spending sprees and ignore the wishes of the people. And add into this that a country built with its foundations on faith and a set of guidelines like the Ten Commandments, decided that those who elected them do not wish to live virtuous lives and just spend money that is not there, allow those in office to flaunt the laws of the country, and oppress anyone who opposes their temper tantrums.

Lets add to the mix the fact that the country that works to pay the taxes and provide a future for their children get fed up with the bureaucratic morass, that has become known as the swamp, decides to do something about it?

So against all of the polling, the media hype, and outright lies brought by both parties the people decide to elect a president that cannot be controlled. I believe this pretty well sums up where this country is today.

I have never seen so many so called educated people with their noses so high and looking down on the great unwashed masses that can act so much like a runaway kindergarten class, and fight so hard to destroy what we stand for.

We have witnessed 50 years of messed up immigration laws. No party or president has had the guts to take on what is so screwed up before because it was the kiss of death to do what the beltway holds so dear. Now the experts who are told to hold the line at the border are asking back for infrastructure to help them do their job and the ‘experts’ in the beltway say no.

I have an idea. Since the Speaker is determined to allow caravan after caravan to assault our border and refuse to build a wall, we see others offering to help. Money has been raised by individuals and now even some states are joining in to fund the wall.

Now I am only vaguely familiar with wall building but what I have seen from the pictures this new slat fence looks like a pretty simple thing for steel fabricators and welders to build. Since the government is trying to make it impossible for the contributions to go to the wall from individuals, I propose that the blueprints be made available for anyone to take and fabricate a panel for the wall.

Companies, groups, individuals could build a section of the wall. The National Guard or volunteer companies could transport truck loads of the sections to the border and they can be set into place by those contracted to do so.

I bet that the wall would be cheaper, better quality, and more effective. The freeloaders who only want new voters to come in would be able to set back and grind and gnash their teeth and the American People would win another one.

Is it me or does it seem that those in power seem to have the cartels interests at heart? Just saying.

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