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The strings of our nation are being pulled by a variety of factions with this virus epidemic. It is when you get past all of the surface agitation that many media outlets are throwing at us that we have to dig deeper.

Many news stories have been buried because the facts bury the popular line that both sides are arguing about. So is it the health of the people that is cared about or the opportunity to make major changes in our countries the bottom line?

Hatred has taken over many factions and the simple human decency and kindness have been thrown away over political gain. If you go back into the news cycles from 2019 there was the hint of what was coming that was either missed or just plain ignored.

So many are so eager to follow the line of those who have the same political leanings that just plain questioning what is going on is lost. Today the news has reported on the former administrations deliberate spying on the candidacy of President Trump and the deliberate action to go after anyone associated with his administration with deceit and plain lies.

Now if you get your information from the main street media I am sure you are shocked by what has been revealed. Everyone who suspected or knew about the hatchet job the FBI and Justice Department did comes as a total shock. And yet these are the same people who held ranchers in jail and shot and killed a rancher, who are responsible for conduct that is only at best described as treason. And the Federal Judge was appalled by the actions of the Federal officers and prosecutors who were shown to be liars and totally unethical.

The rage and hate has gotten to the point that friends and family cannot talk to each other peacefully because of the politics involved. Shame on you who act like this.

There are many ways of getting the news in a fashion that sifts through the lies and deceit. It requires study and time on each individuals part to get past the hateful presentation of the stories and get to the truth of the matter.

It is not hard to see who are the actual patriots and it is not what you believe. Ask those in states and cities dominated by the Democrat party and those who are not and then look at the statistics.

I have seen no Democrat Gov. that trusts the people as the Governor of South Dakota does. Are you hamstrung by government who wants a one size fits all solution to the Covid crisis or are you lucky enough to be in a state that trusts you to do the right thing?

There are so many who try and shame those who want and need life to return to normal that they are terrible because of the risk of death. We have had the risk of death in this nation from it’s very beginnings. The statistics are ignoring the increase of death by those who cannot get treatment for other conditions as well as those who the epidemic is taking a terrible toll on their mental state. Many of these same self righteous people believe that the abortion clinics are health care and essential.

In the worst states who sent infected patients back to nursing homes and senior facilities knew good and well that it was euthanasia and it accomplished what they wanted without anyone voting on it. These are also the people who released criminals from jail and jailed ordinary citizens for exercising their freedoms. And then were astounded that the criminals committed more crimes.


I just challenged a person who labeled a story as FAKE NEWS and yet I verified both entities as legitimate sources. Where did this bozo get the fake part? I guess from all of the actual fake news that hits us like a blizzard daily.

When you come to two problems and you have to choose, I recommend you choose the one that LETS FREEDOM RING!

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