Albert Eienstein


All of my life those who have opposed the Second Amendment have used the first sentence as an excuse for the Amendment being out dated and without force. The common myth is that the National Guard has taken the place of the militia.

If you discount the document that safeguards your and my rights as being written by a bunch of old White men, you need to learn a few facts.

First the writers of the Constitution ranged in age from the early twenties with the majority in their thirties and forties. For example:John Mercer 26; Charles Pickney 29; Alexander Hamilton 30; James Madison 36; George Washington 55 George Mason 62; with the oldest Ben Franklin 81. Franklin would be the only one that could be called elderly.

As Webster’s third definition of Militia defined that ‘all citizens of sound health eligible for military service’. Many common definitions over the years define the Militia as all healthy men from age 16 to 60.

The misnomer of the National Guard replacing the Militia fails to recognize the difference between paid and volunteer. The National Guard is paid for services but are under the control of the state governor. They can be nationalized for service in the regular military in national emergencies by the President. A Militia remains a volunteer force.

The latest usage of Militia shows the far sighted and brilliant need for the Second Amendment that those ‘old men’ put it in the Constitution for. When politics renders the civil authority useless or non-functional.

What you see little of are people defending themselves, their families, their homes, and businesses from rioters and looters. When the police do not come or stand aside by the order of politicians who abdicate their sworn duties and support insurrection.

The media either ignores or down play the assault and destruction that has been stopped by citizens who refuse to cower in fear. Places like Coeur d’ Alene Idaho whose citizens refused to be trashed by BLM & Antifa. You will not hear of the cowboys, bikers, business owners, and citizens that joined with the police, sheriff, and state patrol to show a united front when the buses pulled into town to trash it. Yes they were all armed. When the first person got off the bus he was told they would not be tearing up the community. The buses turned around and left. Not one shot was fired. No shop was looted. No citizen or police officer was hurt.

This never even was reported on by their own newspaper. Of course you did not hear it on the news or read it in ‘the paper of record’.

This story has been repeated all over the country but you have not heard it. This is the modern and brilliant reason that the Second Amendment was ratified.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights has been added to, as prescribed, over the years as needed.Why would the most brilliant documents in history have one glaring flaw? It was the remarkable foresight of brilliant men that someday there would be a generation that would sell out their country. They had the example of Benedict Arnold to learn from.

When history is written for future generations this probably will not even make a footnote if this country proceeds to elect the Communist Party to run this nation in November.

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