Charles Spurgeon


How do you kill the First Amendment? Very simple, inject a politically correct position and push it as far as you can and ignore the truth. Stay with your position even though what ever is going on is reported as the truth when there is not truth left.

As a senator is trying to derail the appointment of qualified judges by attacking their membership in the Knights of Columbus, there by creating a religious test in direct violation of the Constitution. Instead of reporting the violation the act is celebrated by those who are protected by the same amendment that bars a religious test.

By taking the unsubstantiated clip of video and reporting that a ‘Catholic’ student was harassing a Native American. Causing such an outrage that the student and his family are getting death threats. And when the self righteous outrage is whipped up by the fellow media piling on not backing off when it is proven to be a lie.

By media conglomerates buying all newspapers of any size and stripping the retirement funds, and squeeze profits that journalists and staff are fired and operations are so removed from the actual public that it serves, any agenda can be forwarded. Create the need to depend on less than stellar news distribution outlets. Go with the headline and not check the facts.

Take the University and College instruction of Journalism and reduce the goal of unbiased and truthful reporting and turn journalism into a political action committee.

Promote view points that are outside of the public’s actual values and keep telling them that anything other than the media view point is wrong and dangerous.

Make the reporter the object of the story and not the story being the object of the reporter. Make sure that the bottom line is more important than the moral and ethical standard.

Support the destruction of other Amendments of the Constitution that does not fit the narrative that is being put forth by the management and the reporter.

Immediately attack anyone who does not agree with the standard talking point. Support politicians who believe that the Constitution is an outdated means of limiting the governments control of everyday citizens lives.

Let the limits of common decency be expanded to the point that pornography is acceptable but belief in God and the Bible is restricted. Downplay the foundation of the Ten Commandments as the foundation of the values that our society lives by. Subvert the teachings and ridicule those who still live by them

By abandoning truth, fairness, objectivity, and the difference of opinions the First Amendment is defeated by the media who is the first to benefit from it.

Add to the chaos so that a majority of citizens do not trust the reporter or the organization. Add also to the division of organizations that strive to tell the other side and dismiss them as bias.

What is the first thing that dictators and totalitarian governments do after they have disarmed the citizen? Destroy free speech and imprison the press.

Are we not witnessing it now. The free press will be the means of killing the First Amendment. In other words the media will commit suicide. But they advocate that also.

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