What has become of civility and dialogue?  To say the least I am so sick of politics from all sides that a good scream would seem to help.  I have come to the point that I can watch no news anymore from all the ‘legitimate’ self proclaimed mainline news media.

I am sick of watching people behave like a bunch of irrational, rowdy, and just plain hateful children.  And this goes for both sides.

I have watched people that I value as friends and many others decline into a madness that has no explanation.  But it is so simple as that Satan, in all his arrogant glee, has gained control of so much of the world.

Is not the prophecy true that what is good is bad, what is right is wrong, what is offensive is now normal?  There used to be a standard of conduct in this country.  Protests were peaceful and not riots.  Legislators, though always looking for that next election, would actually try to follow the principles of the Republic.

Today the hate that is generated by angry words has driven a culture into a civil warfare.  Families do not talk to each other, friends turn on friends, communities cannot come together and exchange ideas.  And now assassination is becoming the option?

I can harp and harp, and I have, on the fact that the United States is a Constitutional Republic.  We are not a democracy.  Democracy is mob rule and those who insist that popular vote carry the day do not understand that there would be only five states and in reality a dozen counties that would decide the presidential elections.  Forget any participation between the coasts.  We chaff over the label ‘fly over country’ as it means that as a people we are considered less than literate and unsophisticated.  If there is any thing that says Fascist than this I don’t know what it is.

I will be criticized for believing that there are fundamental principles that we are based on and to diverge from that is only destructive.  To hold this belief that is different from what groups promote is opening me to not criticism but full blown hate.

It is not the first time that I have written ‘WORDS HAVE MEANING’.  But it is true.  We live in a world that is divided and in a society that does not lock up people for being unbalanced or just different, although it has happened and is an occurrence.  But the sheer volume of hate and division is doing what our forefathers foresaw and tried to guard against.

We will only know true peace when God is recognized as the foundation of our being and Satan is the master of deceit.  This is not being a religious fanatic it is simply recognizing the truth.

Will our words be used against us or for us in Judgement?  I am going to try and and use mine for good.  Like it or not.

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