Trai Beyers

      I write this on Kansas birthday, so you are reading this afterward.  But on this day there are so many commenting on the birthday I leave it to them.  The fact that taking time to let the fact soak in as to all the activities and well wishes is better for me.  I also do not have the 1860’s clothes to go to the balls that are given every year, plus my legs don’t work well enough to dance at these events.

      Anyone who knows me, at least in the last decades, that I am a booster of Kansas and believe that it is a great place to live.  Also that the people are some of the best in the world.

     Kansans don’t always agree on much but for the most part they will listen to your point of view.  Politics is a statewide sport and the legislature is the time of year that provides a lot of news.  Some of the news is good, some bad, but there is always news.

      Kansas has always had a Populist element and there is an endless supply of talent that comes out of the state that improves everything from science, music, and theater.

      Kansas taught the world to fly and Kansas feeds the world.  Given a disaster the first thing that happens is that the neighbors come in, the state comes in, and the last thing expected is the Federal Government.

       Kansans are builders, growers, educators, healers, researchers, nurturers, writers, scholars, inquirers, inventors, and traditionalists.  They can be disagreeing on a subject but not disagreeable.  And many Kansans sell themselves short.  Being a modest and humble people, it is not in the nature of a Kansan to brag.

     The motto of Kansas AD ASTRA PER ASPERA – TO THE STARS THRU DIFFICULTY is a true statement of the existence of this place called the “Great American Desert”.  The great desert that feeds the world.

     Those who move back to the state and those who come here from somewhere else generally see what the life long Kansan fails to see many times.  Kansas is a great place to live and a great place to be from.  When anyone uses the label that you are just a Kansan as a put down, just smile and say Thank You.

  • Lynda Fort
    Posted at 03:40h, 30 January

    Love Kansas and love you, Roger – Another Kansas GREAT DAY

  • Sue Miller
    Posted at 04:26h, 30 January

    Amen, Cousin!