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So you probably did not hear the news. The case of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. Not since the pictures of the stand off and the statements from the Government over why they would set up snipers around a ranch. Then also how they would assault a woman and others and set up ‘free speech’ areas away from scene.

You would not know that the Bundy family has been in jail and held without bond for two years. That the judge did not allow the introduction of evidence, allow discussion of the Constitution, or that the prosecution which held 7 major pieces of evidence from the defense.

What little you did hear probably resulted in you siding with the BLM and the government on the case. Except that you were lied to.

The Bundys were finally allowed to leave jail in the last part of November and first part of December so they could come and go as most any other defendant who posed no risk to society. But, they could not spend Thanksgiving with their extended family and they could not go home.

As the trial went along it was an unusual occasion when a defendant schooled the judge, prosecution, witnesses, and jury on what the Constitution actually says and stands for. And as witness after witness revealed the with holding of evidence and the lying about everything from taped phone calls to a hit list, the judge brought the trial to a halt while considering the motions entered by the defense.

As much as the state wanted to make examples of the ranchers who stood up and said no to governmental agencies rule making and over stepping authority, the inevitable happened. There was a declaration of a mistrial.

As of this writing it has not been decided if the dismissal is absolute or if the government can refile charges. But through all the deception and lies It is hard to believe that they could be brought back to trial.

I am amazed at the farmers and ranchers who believed the governments lies about the whole Bundy standoff and sided with the government. All the facts that you believe you know about the case are probably the lies that has been proven and picked up and circulated by the news media. You have not heard much because until the acquittal the major news media ignored the proceedings in the Las Vegas courtroom.

The Bundys are the last of 52 ranchers that have been put out of business in Clark County Nevada. They stood up for what they believed in and when a government agency came with guns the friends and family of the Bundy’s stood up to them. The government killed cattle and buried them. The government destroyed water improvements made by the family who is the 5th generation on the ranch (and have owned the water rights for 5 generations). These water improvements benefited wildlife as well as livestock. Sale barns in the 5 in the region refused to accept Bundy cattle seized during the stand off considering them to be stolen from the family.

It boils down to governmental agencies out of control and a fundamental states rights issues. Even a judge who initially would not allow all evidence or Constitutional considerations to be allowed in court, was overwhelmed by the proven lies and misconduct by agents of the government. Resulting in the declaration of a mistrial.

But you won’t hear the facts in the media. In the meantime you hear nothing about the murder of Lavoy Fincom in Oregon by Federal Agents.


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