Will Rogers


We always get the things turned around in life. When I was young and full of energy and optimism I needed good judgement. Now that I am older and cannot do much the lessons learned fall hard. Many feel that if they knew now back when they were young, they could set the world on fire. Some try to reclaim that and it is called middle age madness. So instead of using the experience they learned growing up and getting their way, they put their brain on hold and go back to make the same stupid mistakes all over.

Then there comes a point when you slap your forehead and go ‘WHAT WAS I THINKING OF? Yep some of you have done it, some of you will do it, the smart ones will stop and put a little sense and experience together and manage to live a pretty good life.

It always seemed like fun back then but eventually there is a price to pay. You would like to give advice when someone is taking that crazy step backwards. Even fewer take the advice to save making the mistakes for the first time themselves.

It is kind of like our country. Every generation wants to improve upon what we have built. The forefathers did make a lot of mistakes but had the foresight to make it hard for future generations to screw it all up. It is like the words of Ben Franklin when asked by a woman as to what they had done creating a new country. He said, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Another wise man said that we are only one generation away from losing our Republic. It seems that the day is coming sooner when people openly call themselves Socialists and openly work to change the United States into a Social model like some countries in Europe.

I am often irritated by the statement that we are a nation of immigrants. I am an American, I have an immigrant heritage. People didn’t and shouldn’t come and live as immigrants and try to change the country. Those who immigrate here should strive to become Americans but cherish their heritage.

The attempt to move people here when the goal is not to become citizens and join in the American Dream, should not be brought here just to be able to say how benevolent we are. There is no more generous people on earth than Americans. You do not see other countries moving manpower and materials to major disaster areas like we do. I do not remember one French, German, Chinese, Brazilian, or English disaster teams coming to assist with our hurricanes. There are a few hotshot crews that come to help during long fire seasons from Australia, but that is it.

If you raise your kids to be responsible for their actions and send them to a college or university that openly disdains your beliefs you are doing the kids no favors. They will either see what hypocrisy is being taught to them or they will buy it and believe you to be the hypocrite.

And for those who believe I am fronting for a political cause consider this. Democrats want to pass it before you can see whats in it. But Republicans screw up a tax plan that fits on a postcard.

Want to save money on the budget? Quit giving it away to people that hate us and fire the bureaucrats that sit and make the government a true swamp. Remember that draining a swamp is not just moving the alligators and snakes, it requires drying the oozing muck that is below all of it.


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