Rollo May

     I have been enjoying the spring weather lately and trying to get some research done on stories I am writing for my book.  I am so grateful that the nauseating political campaigns are past and TV has just gone back to being a waste of time and money.  It irritates me that I am required to pay to watch what is still paid for by advertising and used to come to us for free.  A subject for another rant.

     I have stayed away from the views about the things happening today for a while but am compelled to go ahead and irritate the few liberal friends that I have.  You see I do not un-friend someone because of the fact that they don’t agree with me.  If I did that it would be a really boring world.  But I am tired of constantly hearing things that are said out of sheer hate and frustration.  I understand frustration, I have been frustrated with politics and the news media for at least, well, all of my life.

     There is one person, and they know who they are, who is so wrapped up in hating what is going on that even though I try to ignore the things put out by this person, I just can’t help myself in making a comment now and then.  And when I do it creates a firestorm (online).

     It is a never ending wonder to me that someone will go so far to try and ridicule my opinion that it becomes personal.  It seems to be a trend today that the political correctness that has been practiced for the last few years that when it is finally being challenged by a large group of people, the right to hold another opinion is subject to ridicule, demonstrations, and violence.

     The so called anti fascists have turned into the true fascists.  You do not have to be a student of history to see the parallels of the 1917 – 1930’s rise of socialism and fascism that are occurring today.

     I have to admit that I let my temper get the best of me when I was called ‘cruel’ for not believing in this persons agenda.  I am now sure that I have absolutely no fans in her circle of friends.  Oh well, I feel so bad.

      I gave my advice about dealing with the way things are today and I will share it with you now.

      ‘If you are one of the people who cannot accept the results of the elections I give you this advice.  Take a baby bottle and fill it with a cheap bourbon.  Suck the contents dry and go to bed.  When you wake up the next morning with a terrible hangover, you now know how the rest of us have felt for the last 8 years.’

      I notice that the college kids who rioted and threatened professors with violence for teaching their classes, when the students had declared that no whites should be on campus that day, want the videos pulled down.  Also the students who created problems in many other colleges and campuses are trying to get rid of the video created, especially the assaults.  This is for a major reason.

     Many of these elite schools are now seeing the parents who pay the bills withdrawing support for their kids misbehavior, and the tolerance that the administrations have given them, by cutting off the money that they are wasting by getting a non-education for $40-90 thousand dollars a year.  The fact that parents are no longer willing to send their kids to a place that takes all the values that they were raised with and replace it with politically correct dogma.

     If you ever read the book 1984 or even the Communist Manifesto you have to understand that history has to be erased and replaced, which has been going on now manifested by banning the Confederate Flag, removing Confederate war memorials, and demanding that anything that the United States stands for be ridiculed.

     Well excuse me if I am refreshed that there is at least one person who made promises in government that actually intend on keeping them.  If you are so used to the bovine droppings that once elected a person, you must forget what they said and play along with the out of touch and hostile environment of the Beltway, and the major centers of power that believe they know what is best for me and you.

     There I am going to stop here.  I feel better.

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  • Jim Farrell
    Posted at 04:42h, 03 June

    Thanks Roger ! Made my day…. take care Pard’